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To ride through the small villages, take the bike to ferry and enjoy amazing views on the whole Kvarner area sounds like a promising trip. And it is, but it's not so easy as it looks on the map....

It's for the fit ones or for the e-bikes

@take chargers, lights and helmets

To go to Cres and to come back in the same day is one of the best bike trips on Kvarner, but it's the whole day trip.

This is what you need to count on:

  1. Try to grab the bike and hit the road till 9-10 AM latest. In some 45 min - 1 hour you'll be at Valbiska ferry point
  2. The ferry takes around 40 min in total and the schedule for 2020 depends from the part of the season: SCHEDULE                                                                                                                                             The price is between 15-18 kn per person plus that much for the bike.
  3. There's a huge hill that you need to cross so if you're not fit, only the e-bike is a good solution. Nevertheless, the view is priceless.
  4. Charge the battery in Cres. Sit down for a coffee or lunch and leave them to charge, you'll need them a lot. The town of Cres is nice and it's worth to go to the beach on the other peninsula.
  5. Try not to ride back in the night time as there's quite a lot to get home as well.