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Cycling path form Punat to Krk

As the global warming changes everything, the weather on North Croatia get more and more bike-friendly every year. Unlike swimmers, the high season of July and August is not so attractive, but the rest of the year is ours.

Botond Bócsi - Creator of Bikeroll

Take the bike shorts is March, change it in July for swim shorts and than back to bike clothes on the end of August. Why?

It used to be too cold to ride a bike in February and March on Krk, but not any more. The first sunny days of February and March (without the wind) already attract tourists willing to explore Kvarner. The cold north wind bura can make it unpleasant till the middle of March but then comes the best part of the year.

Long sunny days of March - July

Once the temperature reaches 12-15 C during the day in March, smiles just pop up on people's faces. It's the low season, you'll see just a few bikers on the road but that's the best part. Wherever you go, the trail all yours.

Weekend tourists

From the beginning of April, the weather usually gets quite stable and the nights are not so cold any more. Unlike the sea, of course.

Cheap flights and good roads do attract mostly weekend cyclists from the nearby countries of Slovenia, Austria, Germany and Italy. The 1. of May usually means that the camps and hotels are quite booked. This means - long sunny days, temperatures 15-25 C and a nice mixture of locals and tourists in restaurants and bars.

Weather support

DHMZ - a Croatian National Weather Service so far proved to be the most reliable weather source of information, especially for local sailors and fisherman.

July and August

You'll see a lot of bikers in the high season but mostly early in the morning and later in the evening.

Pro cyclists are usually on the road between 6-10 AM while the others use bikes to get to the beach or other village or to get to a restaurant or a wine tour.

September - November

Days are shorter but the weather is still great. Less traffic on the roads makes it a great time to come. Enjoy!