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Traffic jam in the high season

Somewhere around the 15. of June every year starts the high season on the island of Krk and the main road gets full of cars, vans and campers.

Although there and countless great paths, trails and roads, only two main island road parts should be avoided for biking from the mid June till the end of August:

Krk bridge - Malinska

@take alternative road to Čižići

No cycling path and no place to move away from trucks, buses and big campers passing you by. Avoid it big time, especially in the night time.

Great alternative is to pass the bridge and turn left and take the local road to Čižići in order to avoid traffic.

Dunat to Baška

@avoid especially between 9-11 AM

A steep road to the 367 meters high top of the hill to Baška demands an extra caution at any time. Campers are especially dangerous as they're so clumsy passing you by.

Once you get to the top of the hill, the road to Baška gets even more narrow and curved but you get the speed going down and you'll be fine. Coming back demands even more caution till the same peak of the hill.

Recommendation: Avoid 9-11 AM as most of the campers change their location too find another camp. Later is a 'beach time'