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A small town on the east cliffs of the island of Krk called Vrbnik has a wide known attraction - wine tours. 

Vrbnik is a well known wine region and you can see it approaching the village. The vineyards around the town produce a famous Vrbnička Žlahtina, and most of the producers have their own wine houses in the town.

Which one to choose? You can't miss with PZ Vrbnik. It's the union of local producers gathering their own wine to produce Vrbnička žlahtina.

Down in the port of Vrbnik is their wine cellar. Try!

Vrbnička Žlahtina

@The only 100% local wine

Among a different sorts of žlahtina, one has a specially remarkable name and brand - Zlatna (the golden Vrbnička Žlahtina)

A quality recognizable to all Croatians - Zlatna Vrnička Žlahtina.