Category Places, Wheels

1. Oprna beach, Stara Baška

The amazing view on the islands of Prvić, Grgur and Rab is the first thing that you see on the road to Stara Baška. Down on the bottom is the most beautiful beach on Krk - Oprna.

Leave the bike in the camp on the left side as the beach is accessible only on foot. A narrow path takes on the end reveals a crystal clear blue water and the gravel beach.

The bar serves cold drinks but the sun cover is impossible to find.

2. Potovošće, Vrbnik

A few kilometers south from Vrbnik is a small hidden beach of Potovošće. The narrow steep road with a beautiful view takes you up the cliffs above Vrbnik and all the way then down to the beach.

One bar and a small parking place are on the right side. Perfect for those who like quiet places and a lot for sun.

3. Vela Plaža, Baška

A long and wide sandy beach covering the whole bay of Baška is for those who like sea and sun.

The beach is shallow and a turquoise blue color of the sea with sandy bottom makes it very attractive for thousands of tourists. Bars and restaurants are all around where as the old center of the village is a bit above the beach.

The waves made by bura can be quite high and the sun shelter is hard to find.